Gina Cusano

I am a Sr. Graphic Designer with 15 years of experience focusing on digital, print, branding and marketing design. I work with clients across diverse industries on a freelance, contract or full-time basis. I have a proven history of conceptualizing developing, leading, and producing exceptional design and creative solutions. I’m seeking to apply my comprehensive experience and demonstrate my creative prowess to support businesses in need.

I'm available for new opportunities and flexible for onsite, remote or hybrid commitments. With my combination of strengths, energy, and enthusiasm, I will enrich any creative environment.

When not working, I enjoy staying active, outdoor adventures, planning my next social outing and rooting for professional LA sports teams.

If you’re interested in learning more or want to discuss working together, let’s connect!


Graphic Design

I am passionate about graphic design and visually communicating concepts and ideas for a specific purpose. For me, this started as a kid. There were instances of sketching logos for fictitious sports teams and made-up soda brands in my idea book. Now in my career, I take pride in this craft by respecting “form follows function” through typography, color, tone, imagery, visual balance and organization. Applying these principals has fostered outstanding results for many of my projects.

Print Design

Despite the advancement of a digital-first mentality, I still cherish the traditional print medium! Is it old school to get excited over paper samples, spot varnishes, die-cuts, and saddle stitching? Dream projects are the ones where I get to design a new brand from scratch. This includes carrying a visual theme across all types of print materials.

Digital Design

I have ample experience producing compelling digital content. I create high-fidelity page layouts, interfaces and navigation that serve as stylistic standards for overall website designs. I provide all visual design stages from concept to delivery of final files. I work with brand elements and translate content for an effective user experience. I'm committed to learn more about current trends, emerging technologies and enhancing my UX/UI knowledge.

Project Management

Throughout my career, I have developed a variety of strengths and skills. I adapt well in varying work environments and can confidently take a project from start to completion either independently or collaboratively. I can multitask while remaining time efficient, organized, detail oriented, budget minded and on schedule. In the midst of a busy work day, I can prioritize tasks, respond to clients/vendors in a timely matter and keep open communication with the team.